NYU Student Center for Academic and Spiritual Life

Acheson Doyle Partners worked with the Archdiocese of New York and New York University to oversee the re-development of this property, the site of the former Catholic Center of NYU. ADP assisted the Archdiocese and the NYU Facilities Department with the transfer of development rights to the site, and coordinated presentations to the New York City Planning Commission and the Board of Standards and Appeals for the new building being designed for NYU by Machado Silvetti Architects. Programming and the design of the ground floor for what would become the home of the new Catholic Center was led by ADP. The ground floor was organized with the Chapel overlooking Washington Square Park to take advantage of views and to engage the public. A grand day lit corridor serves as both narthex to the Chapel and a connecting spine to other rooms. The clean, modern interiors are enhanced by the selective use of richly finished venetian plaster, walnut wood panel and marble and porcelain tiles.


New York, NY




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