St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church

Like many church buildings Saint Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church is typical in its need to address and manage the extreme expense and logistics that go with maintaining a significant historic structure in New York City.  Acheson Doyle Partner’s challenge has been to address all restorations and improvements with the greatest of care and consideration. Our emphasis and efforts have been the attention to detail to satisfy the regulatory requirements for a building that has earned a listing on the National Registry of Historic Places. The neo-byzantine terracotta tile dome initially identified in 2008 as in need of restoration was the project that has proved to be the turning point for the continued heath and maintenance for this significant and important New York City landmark. Completed in 2015, the restoration of the dome has led to the restoration the adjoining Community House building, with a projected completion date for summer 2020.  As work continues, ADP has been preparing documents that will address the exterior restoration of the remaining masonry of the church that is scheduled to be undertaken in phases. The first of four phases, the North façade, facing 51st street, is planning to start spring of 2020, with a projected completion for late fall 2020. The remaining phases are projected for 2022, 2023 and 2024. 


New York, NY




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