St. Luke’s Church

St. Luke’s Church

Acheson Doyle Partners was engaged to restore the exterior of St. Luke’s Church. The existing roof was completely replaced with new slate shingles atop thermal insulation to improve the building’s energy efficiency. The masonry facade was cleaned and repointed and new copper gutters, leaders and trim. Wood doors and window trims were patched and refinished. Th e grand entry stairs, which had been damaged due to water infiltration, were reconstructed with greater attention to moisture protection. The original canopies were transformed with new copper sheet metal roofs and glass-door vestibule enclosures.  During the roof replacement, existing steel rafter beams supporting the concrete deck above the Church apse were discovered to have deformed. An assembly of hooks and cables was installed to restrain the deflection of each steel rafter beam. The concrete deck could thereby remain and the hooks and cables were concealed within the new insulation applied on top of the concrete deck.


Queens, NY




Historic, Religious