Plaza Hotel Balcony Restoration Receives Landmarks Preservation Commission Approval

In Spring 2023, the New York Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) approved a proposal to restore a 15th floor balcony along the Plaza Hotel’s North, South and East facades using Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC), a cement-based composite material with two to four times more flexural strength than unreinforced concrete and 24% lighter weight than the Plaza Hotel’s original terracotta. Using GFRC in place of terracotta greatly diminishes the need for a complex procedure to take place.

If the building had proceeded with a traditional terracotta replacement, the balcony restoration project would have required a total of 86 outrigger beams to be replaced; the removal of 24 windows, 24 sills and 1,290 square feet of surrounding brick masonry; and the disturbance of 48 terracotta units. An equitable, budget-aware and historically sensitive solution proposed by ADP using color and texture matched, lighter GFRC material would now lead to only 16 outriggers needing replacement; 80% less square footage of brick masonry, window and window sill disturbance; and potentially tens of millions of dollars in savings related to intricate structural interventions.

For more information on how ADP can help elegantly simplify the historic preservation effort for iconic building owners in New York City, please reach out to Michael F. Doyle, FAIA, at